Welcome to Rung Jaras Sang Electric Ltd.,Part.
Established since 1980 Rung Jaras Sang Electrical Ltd., Part.
is a diversified manufacturer of electrical products.
We supply a wide range of products meeting light and heavy
industrial requirements.
Since the beginning of 1993, We have grown into a well-known manufacturer,
having our own market products on the brand-name
of which is our original registered for Intellectual Property.
Our products Our products are sold through out our local/overseas
electrical distributors. Over the year, we have developed
products and services that have directed us to provide our
customers with the highest-quality products and services at the
best value delivered, wherever and whenever they needed.
Our main products Our main products range from Hot-Dip Galvanized Conduit,
Hot-Dip Galvanized Fitting Accessories,
Aluminium Fitting Accessories.

We proudly supply these materials throughout those ongoing
construction projects such as Power Plants,
Suvanabhumi International Airport(Bangkok),
Mass Rapid Transport,
Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Buildings etc.
Our premium quality Our premium quality Hot-Dip Galvanized products have met the
NFPA Standard (National Fire Protection Association).
Our advantage characteristic has brought to the success and be
part of the high-profile projects such as Power Plants,
MRTA and Suvanabhumi International Airport (Bangkok).

To dates, we continue to strengthen our supreme quality and
services to our valuable customers.
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